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That the Association be known as the Milton Keynes Approved Driving Instructors Association (MKADIA) aimed at

furthering the interests of its members and road safety.

1. The Association Year is July 1st of one year to June 30th inclusive of the following year.

1a. The membership fee is due and payable on July 1st in each year. No person shall be allowed to

vote or in any way whatsoever enjoy the privileges of membership, until the current fee has been paid.

1b A £5.00 Joining fee is payable by all new members, together with a £15.00 Annual subscription fee.

2. All members must be Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructors (cars), or PDI´s.

2a Any application for membership will be considered at the first convenient committee meeting.

The membership secretary shall write to the members informing them that an application for

membership has been received from (name) and if any member knows of any reason why the

application should not be considered to reply in writing to that effect by a specified date.

The Committee will be informed if there are any objections or not. If necessary, the applicant may be

invited by the Committee, as a guest, to the next General Meeting. MKADIA reserve the right of


2b The Association may, upon recommendation from the Committee, provide for a person or persons

to be proposed and elected as a "Friend of the Association" (note: A Friend does not have to be an

Approved Driving Instructor)

2c The Association may bestow Honorary Membership upon a Fully paid up member for Life or a

specified period. The Honorary member will have full voting rights, enjoy the same benefits as a fully paid

up member but will not pay a membership fee. He/She will be eligible for nomination and election to any

office within the Association.

2d Consideration can be given to nomination(s) for President and Vice President(s). They may

serve for a specified period i.e. Life, one or more years

3. Committee Meetings to be held periodically at the discretion of the elected officers.

General Membership Meetings to be held on a bi monthly basis, dates to be announced to members, unless

otherwise arranged. The Annual General Meeting to be held on the first Monday of July each year

unless otherwise arranged. Normally there will not be any association meetings during August.

Alternative meeting days may be arranged.

4. All Meetings must be attended by either the President ,Vice President, Chairman or Deputy

Chairman, and one other Executive Committee Member. A Quorum at any Committee Meeting

shall consist of at least half of the eligible members of which at least two must be members of the

Executive Committee. No major changes of policy can be implemented at any Committee or

General Meeting attended by less than six members of which at least two must be members of the

Executive Committee, one of whom must be the President, Vice President, Chairman or Deputy

Chairman. If such a depleted meeting be held, decisions must be unanimous.

4a The Executive Committee shall be the President, Vice President(s), Chairman, Deputy Chairman,

Secretary and Treasurer.

4b The Association Committee shall be the Executive Committee and up to ten Committee Members.

Duties covered shall include Membership Secretary, Publicity Secretary, Milton Keynes Road Safety,

National Organisation Representative e.g. ADINJC, Social Activities Secretary, (etc.)

4c An extra ordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by six members on application to the

Executive Committee and discussion at the meeting being confined to the object of it. If refused

the object of the request shall be on the Agenda of the next General Meeting.

4d Any member absent from either a general, extra ordinary General or Committee Meeting may

appoint any other eligible member to vote for him/her at such meetings by giving written notice to

the Secretary prior to the meeting. Such proxy shall be available on the Subject or Subjects named


5. Any Committee Member absent from three consecutive Meetings without an apology will be

deemed to have Resigned. The Committee shall regulate it’s size according to its needs.

The Committee is empowered to deal with any other matter not provided for in this Constitution.

5a Officials shall be elected annually for a period of one year and can stand for re-election at the end

of this period. The only exceptions shall be in the case of the Chairman who should not serve more

than three consecutive years in post, but will be eligible for election after a one year break and

the President and Vice President(s) as stated in rule 2d. (Note: Officials will be President, Vice

Presidents), Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members,

Representatives for any other Organisation i.e. Road Safety Committee, National Organisation etc,

and Auditors)

6. Association Funds are to be used for Association purposes only. Any two signatures of Chairman,

Secretary or Treasurer to be used for withdrawals.

7. Members shall conduct themselves in a matter conductive to the good name of the Association.

8. All Members should attend at least two Meetings in any one year.

9. If the Association is affiliated to, or represented at another Organisation or Committee, the

Representatives(s) should be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Reasonable expenses shall be

paid and reviewed at each A.G.M

10. The Treasurer shall make provision for a Summary Financial Report of the Association Accounts to

be made known at the Annual General Meeting, and for a written statement to be distributed to

all Members at least seven clear days before the next General Meeting when the accounts will be

submitted for approval and audited by two appointed Members of the Association. The two

Auditors shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting. Financial details of income and

expenses will be available at each General Meeting.

11. In the event of the Association disbanding, all current assets shall be deemed to be the property of

the Membership as at that time, and, shall be dispensed Pro-Rata as to length of Membership.

There being no consideration whatsoever to any other body to whom the Association may be

Affiliated to or in any way connected.

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Derek Wormald (Chairman) 07958 715927 | Rachel Smith (Secretary) 07721 412745

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